Bloomberg Apologizes for NYC Anti-Crime Policy, Says He ‘Got It Wrong’

Potential 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg publicly apologized for a tough anti-crime policy during his tenure as Mayor of New York over the weekend; saying he “got something important really wrong.”

“Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has yet to formally announce whether he will run for president in 2020, but during remarks where he looked to the future before a majority-black church in Brooklyn, he apologized for his controversial ‘stop and frisk’ policy that sowed distrust of police in black and Latino communities during his administration,” reports Fox News.

“That policy, which was later repealed, allowed police to stop individuals on the street and briefly question and frisk them if they had reasonable suspicion that the person may be committing, had committed or is about to commit a crime,” adds Fox.

“Over time I’ve come to understand something that I’ve long struggled to admit to myself,” said Bloomberg in Brooklyn over the weekend. “I got something important wrong. I got something important really wrong.”

“The erosion of that trust bothered me,” Bloomberg added. “And I want to earn it back.”


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