Michael Moore slams 'disgusting' DNC for clearing path for Bloomberg: 'Because he is a billionaire

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore blasted the Democratic National Committee (DNC) over what he described as its "disgusting" rule changes, saying they might pave the way for billionaire Michael Bloomberg to land a spot on the next presidential debate stage.

On Friday, the DNC announced its requirements for the Feb. 19 debate in Las Vegas, increasing the polling threshold in addition to allowing any candidate who has earned delegates in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries -- but it also eliminated the donor threshold that was previously set for its Democratic candidates.

That means Bloomberg, who has been self-funding his campaign, may soon be eligible to participate in his first debate as long as he hits the polling requirements.

That didn't sit well with several other Democratic candidates and their supporters, including Moore.

Speaking at a Sanders rally in Iowa on Friday night, the Oscar-winning documentarian tore into the DNC's decision.

"They removed it so that [Bloomberg] could be in the next debate," Moore said about the donor requirement. "He doesn't have to show that he has any support amongst the American people. He can just buy his way onto the debate stage!"

He continued, "And I've got to tell you what's so disgusting about this: I watched the debate here in Iowa two weeks ago, the all-white debate. And the fact that the DNC will not allow Cory Booker on that stage, will not allow Julián Castro on that stage, but they’re going to allow Mike Bloomberg because he has a billion f---ing dollars!"


Moore then declared, "I'm sorry, those days are over!"

That sparked roars and cheers from the Sanders supporters.

In addition, other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates took to social media to slam the DNC's decision, sparking the hashtag "#DNCRigging" to trend on Twitter.


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