Muslim groups aim to get 5,000 Muslims to run for office in 2020

After Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, Over 100 muslims throughout the U.S. decided to run for office to fight against Trump and his policies.  In the 2018 election we seen what some called the “muslim wave,” with more muslim candidates than ever running in the U.S. elections. Many of those candidates won. 

With organizations put together to help muslims run in elections, the number of muslim candidates in the U.S. is soaring.

Some muslim groups are aiming to get 5,000 muslims to run for office in the 2020 election.

A member of CAIR-Arizona’s Board of Directors, Imraan Siddiqi, took to Twitter to suggest that 5,000 muslims should run for office in 2020. Siddiqi, who is a writer and activist who specializes on documenting Islamophobia, tweeted:

Siddiqi’s tweet was retweeted by Jetpac, an organization that seeks to help Muslims win elections at all levels of the Government.

Along with the retweet, Jetpac wrote:

Jetpac also shared Siddiqi’s tweet on Facebook, writing:

If you thought 2018 was a landmark year for American Muslim representation you’re going to be amazed by 2020.” — Shaun Kennedy, Executive Director of Jetpac at the 2019 Fellowship Banquet.

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