Rep. Ilhan Omar Caught Lying Again, Admits She Lied About Police

She Lies Again.

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar admitted that she may have stretched the truth during a speech at a high school.

Minneapolis, MN – Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has admitted that she embellished a story she told a group of 400 high school students about a supposed arrest that local officers made.

During a recent visit to Richfield High School, Omar claimed that she witnessed a “sweet old…African-American lady” being sentenced for stealing a $2 loaf of bread to feed her “starving five-year-old granddaughter” five years ago, according to The Washington Post.

Omar claimed that the woman was jailed for a weekend prior to being fined $80 for the theft.

She said she was in the courtroom when the sentence was handed down.

“I couldn’t control my emotions, because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust,” Omar told the students.

“Bulls--t!” she screamed inside the courtroom, according to Omar.

But Omar’s lie was exposed after city officials noted that police are not even allowed to arrest shoplifters unless there is a likelihood that they will commit further crimes or act violently, The Washington Post reported.

The paper noted that the congresswoman’s story “echoed the plot of ‘Les Miserables,’” and that if there was any grain of truth in it at all, it had likely been embellished.

Upon confrontation, Omar admitted that she may have stretched the truth.


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