Ryan and Romney Pushing ‘Pence Presidency’ in Senate, ‘Need Only 10 More Votes to Get It Done’

OANN journalist Emerald Robinson tweeted out a bombshell tweet on Thursday.

Robinson, who covers D.C. politics for One America News Network says that Romeny and Ryan have teamed up to take down President Trump and they only need about 10 more votes to do it.

It seems like a long shot that they’d have that many votes with no evidence, but this is the GOP we’re talking about and we have a slew of weak-kneed establishment cucks in this party, so it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility.

According to the report, Ryan and Romney are pushing a “Pence presidency” as the best reason to dump Trump, and Robinson insists that their efforts are working

Robinson then made this point about the Republican Senators:

“Republican senators could call a press conference today & say that under no circumstances would they vote to impeach Trump – because of the undemocratic tactics of the House Democrats.  That would kill the impeachment drama. Why haven’t they done it? Really makes you think.”

Yes, it does make us think…


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