Saudi Arabia Executes Rape Victim Who Fought Back & Killed Her Attacker

Saudi Arabia executes 4th Indonesian migrant worker in 3 years without notifying consular staff.

An Indonesian maid in Saudi Arabia was put to death for killing her boss while he was raping her.The maid, identified as mother-of-one Tuti Tursilawati, was executed, causing outrage and protests in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta.

The Saudi ambassador to Indonesia had been summoned to discuss the matter, the president added.Indonesian advocacy group Migrant Care said in September that Ms Tuti Tursilawati had been defending herself from being raped.

At the time of Tuti’s execution, Saudi Arabia had executed four Indonesian migrant workers in three years while failure to alert relevant Indonesian officials prior to their executions.

Ms Tursilawati was executed just a week after Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister al-Jubeir, met his Indonesian counterpart, Retno Marsudi, and Mr Widodo in Jakarta to discuss migrant workers’ rights. During the meeting, Mr Marsudi emphasised the importance of having a mandatory consular notification before carrying out death penalties.

Amnesty International Indonesia said that Saudi Arabia had damaged diplomatic ties and had behaved unethically following the execution of the mother-of-one.

Saudi Arabia’s shocking human right’s record has been placed under the microscope in recent years.

The treatment of women and migrant workers has drawn furious international criticism.

Recently, a Philippine maid was tied outside, in the sweltering heat, to a tree for damaging her boss’s furniture.

However, bizarrely, Saudi Arabia managed to squeeze their way onto human right’s council at the UN.

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