The FBI just kicked in the doors of another major department in this sanctuary city.

It should come as no surprise to you that one of the country’s biggest—and most liberal—cities is overrun with corruption.

The good news is, under Trump, the FBI is doing something about it.

Yes, my friends, the swamp runs deep. But it’s not just in Washington, D.C. Whenever establishment politicians rear their ugly heads, corruption is not far behind.

In this city, the FBI has been on a rampage recently, cracking down on numerous charges of corruption. They just raided the offices of a local councilman for possible bribery, extortion, and money laundering.

Wow, that’s a bad guy trifecta! But the story doesn’t end there. The FBI just kicked in the doors of another major department in this city.

Looks like a lot of dirty rats are going down.

From CBS Local:

FBI agents served search warrants at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offices in downtown L.A. Monday morning… LADWP is the largest municipal utility in the U.S., serving more than four million residents. Last November, the FBI raided L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar’s office and home as part of its investigation into possible bribery, extortion and money laundering at L.A. City Hall focusing on huge real estate investments from Chinese companies.

Boom! The FBI is on a roll! They just raided the offices of Councilman Huizar for some seriously bad crimes. Now, they just searched LADWP’s downtown offices.

Not surprisingly, they don’t mention Huizar is a Democrat, but a quick stop at his Wikipedia page shows that he is.

And this just happens to be the largest municipal utility in the country. Over four million residents get their water and power from this department.

And apparently, something stunk so bad, the FBI had to bust down the doors and look around.

Councilman Huizar is being investigated over possible crimes related to Chinese companies. Looks like he might have broken the law to give these foreign businesses special treatment.

Pretty ugly, if you ask me.

Now the FBI is concerned over crimes at LADWP. This group provides water and electricity to most of Los Angeles.

What could they have been up to that sparked a 10 AM raid? Could it be that officials in this department were “cooking the books,” charging residents more for power and water then they should?

Or is it possible (and very likely) that this department was giving out favors to private power companies—at the expense of taxpayers?

The crimes committed must have been serious to get the Fed’s involved. We can’t help but think this kind of thing wouldn’t be going on—if conservatives were in charge.

In our opinion, liberals have turned The City of Angels into a toxic, sanctuary city. Now they’re getting busted for serious crimes.

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By Adam Casalino|July 23, 2019


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