Why do blacks continue to vote for Democrats when illegal immigrants are now the new strategy?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

It amazes me that so many blacks are quick to believe that the Democrats work for them and that the Republicans work against them. Even though history shows that the Republicans wanted to free slaves and Democrats wanted to preserve slavery, and even though many major cities with huge black populations (Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis) have never provided one ounce of improvement for blacks while under 100 percent Democratic control, the vast majority of blacks continue to believe Democrats are on their side and Republicans are against them. 

Illegal immigrants are the new shiny object and the Democrats are courting them more then ever!

It doesn’t make much sense, but neither does much else when it comes to race and pointing the finger in America. African Americans are used to being the scapegoat no matter what the facts are.

To paraphrase a famous Trump quote, what do they have to lose by listening to each candidate, studying the issues, and voting for the one each may feel passionately about?

So Why? The answer, I believe, lies in the basic Democrat message — "Republicans are old white racists who only look out for themselves."

We hear the word "racist" today, either explicitly or implicitly, in virtually every Democratic message. We hear it even where there is no truth behind it. We hear it about Trump even though, under him, there is greater black employment than ever.

Racism, as a social problem, had a great resurgence under President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder. It is the one word that dominates the politics of the left. And it is the basis of the majority of today's conflict between left and right


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